Study Groups

Since 2007 the CSS has also been responsible for the Study Groups that are run by qualified members to support students newer to the work between their classes. These are run in various places round the country at different times to suit the Study Group leader and their study group best.

You can find a list of them at the bottom of this page as well as on the UIUK website with a calendar of their next dates.

They charge a minimal fee of between £15 and £35 depending on the length of the meeting, how often they run and where they are held. We really encourage students to go along – it would be very rare not to learn anything and is a great way to meet other practitioners at all levels and review different pieces of the work. Typically the topic is set before hand in response to student requests. Although the groups are multi-levels work is adjusted to suit the participant. (eg if the topic is something from a later class, the group leader will find an appropriate way for a student who has not yet taken that class to be involved in shared sessions)

It is the policy of the work that we do not chase you to encourage your participation but allow you to contact relevant study group leaders and get on their mailing list so you are kept in touch with dates and meeting times. Occasionally they also invite other teachers up to put on more in-depth classes suitable for the group, or that group members have requested. These include CST1 & 2 reviews and various anatomy days for example.

Note that it is very important to us that only Upledger CranioSacral Therapy is covered at these groups as that is what people are attending for. It is neither the place of the study group leader, or of other students to promote or spend a lot of time discussing their other therapies or approaches they may use, or indeed any other classes or sessions they may offer separately. When this has occurred on the odd occasion in the past it has left students feeling quite confused. (So while we think it will not, if this should occur please let us know asap.)

Record your attendance as CPD

Your study group leader should have a form that they can give you to sign whenever you attend a group but here is an overall one to support CPD generally

Click here to download the form.

Become a Study Group leader One day...?

We value our study group leaders hugely and are very grateful for the job that they do supporting students. We know it is also of huge benefit to their own understanding and practice, so it is definitely a win-win situation when someone is ready! If you would like to become a study group leader please be aware that there are a couple of requirements as follows:

  • Qualified membership of the CSS – including Techniques certification and successful completion of the Advanced 1 class.
  • Recent (and ongoing) experience TAing at classes
  • Ongoing participation in classes in line with general CPD requirements for qualified membership.
  • Have the recommendation of a UI certified instructor.

List of Study Group Leaders

Name & original practice code Town Contact number / email
Caroline Barrow CST-D MCSS Brighton 07958 993007
Jo Crill CST MCSS Jersey 020 8874 9601
Fiona Gilbraith CST-D MCSS Perth, Scotland 01738 551682
Maggie Gill CST-D MCSS Rottingdean, Sussex 07967 046943
Joe Gore CST-D MCSS Redruth, Cornwall 01209 315701
Janet Hiller CST MCSS Abbots Langley, Herts 01923 265370
Sheila Hoy CST-D MCSS Banbury, Oxfordshire 01295 780027
Nikki Kenward CST-D MCSS Marlow, Bucks 07989 416237
Francesca McCluskie CST-D MCSS Glasgow, Scotland 07871 678706
Lea Miller CST MCSS Preston Lancashire 07970 633160
Caro O'Neill CST-D MCSS Holsworthy, Devon 07717 400152
Gabor Vajnai CST-D MCSS East Grinstead, Sussex 01342 825250

You will find the regularly updated Study Group Calendar here on the Upledger Insitute UK website, with details of many upcoming study group dates and topics.

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