There are many research papers, cases studies and relevant articles on research in CranioSacral Therapy on both the Upledger Insitute UK's Research Page, and on the the Upledger Institute International's website.

Research Proposals

The Cranio Sacral Society (CSS) will accept, consider and in certain circumstances will fund or part fund research that is relevant to CranioSacral  Therapy and the CSS members.

Anyone representing an organisation or themselves wishing to receive funds for research must submit a Research Proposal to be considered by the CSS Board.  The proposal must set out the information shown below.

The CSS Board will consider any research proposal without any obligation or liability. The CSS Board will aim to reply within thirty days of receipt of the proposal and may:
  1. accept the proposal as submitted,
  2. reject the proposal outright,
  3. reject the proposal as submitted and seek further clarification on aims, objectives, methodology, reporting , measurement, funding or communication with the CSS  with a view to further considering the proposal 
The decision of the CSS when it has considered a proposal is final and there will be no opportunity for appeal.
When the CSS Board accepts a research proposal it will agree with the author the method of funding. Funding by the CSS will take the form of a one off payment prior to research commencing, a staged payment or a payment on completion.  
Content of a Research Proposal:

A Research Proposal submitted to the CSS should be a concise and coherent summary of the proposed work.  It should set out what issue or questions the research will address, how it will address this and why this is of relevance or benefit to CranioSacral Therapy or the members of the Cranio Sacral Society.

The proposal should be put in the context of current knowledge and understanding and any other research that is currently being conducted.  In doing so it should set out what is unique to this research proposal.

The methodology and timescales of the research should be defined along with the outcomes and metrics that will be used to evaluate the research.

The proposal must be clear on what funding is required to complete the research, what contribution you are asking from the CSS Board and how and when the research outcomes will be communicated to the CSS Board.

Suggested Content of a Research Proposal

The proposal should adopt the following format to facilitate its assessment by the CSS Board:


A succinct description of what will be researched.


A concise statement of your intended research, the problem that will be examined, the timescales and the value it offers the CSS.

The Research:
 This should address, for example:
  1. The Current State Of Knowledge
  2. What Other Research Has Been Or Is Being Carried Out
  3. How The Research Proposal Sits Within The Current Context And The Problem Or Questions It Addresses
The approach to the research should be described including:
  1. Who will be involved
  2. The geographic location
  3. The approach taken to obtaining client consent if required
  4. How the outcomes will be analysed and assessed, including any independent peer checking
  5. Any problems or obstacles to conducting, analysing and assessing the research (risk and countermeasures analysis)

The proposal should identify the benefits expected from completing the research.  In particular this must clearly show the benefits to CranioSacral Therapy in terms of substantiation, innovation, techniques, understanding or its development.  Similarly the proposal must explain how this will benefit CSS members.

The proposal should describe how and what will be communicated to the CSS and how and when this will happen.
This should include:
  1. Progress Reports To The Board
  2. Outcomes
  3. Presentation Of The Research To The Board And CSS Membership
  4. Management Of Intellectual Property
  5. Plans For The Wider Communication Of The Research Proposal, Such As Publication, Seminars And Training Should Be Described Along With Its Implications And Concessions For The CSS Membership
A description should be provided of all sources of funding that have been obtained or are being requested.  The full cost of funding must be explained along with the contribution that is requested from the CSS.

Where a proposal may take some time to come to conclusion then it may be appropriate to apply for staged funding.  The proposal should explain any proposal for staged funding and the risks to the proposal should any other sources of funding fail.

A summary should be provided of the material that has been read and assessed that lead to the development of the proposal.

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