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April 2017:

Join us at the CranioSacral Society Summer Weekend in June!
How would you like to get together with your CranioSacral colleagues and friends for a summer weekend packed full of Upledger CST workshops? 
We'd like to invite you to the Annual Cranio Sacral Society Weekend on 10-11th June 2017 at the Ramada Hotel in Solihull!  CSS members are welcome to attend the Cranio Sacral Society AGM (if you're not a member, you can join here) and the workshops are open to all. Whether you've just completed CST1 or you've been in practice for years, everyone is welcome.
Here is the programme we have put together for you:

The Respiratory Diaphragm and the Heart: Anatomy, Energies and Technique
Caroline Barrow CST-D MCSS and Joe Gore CST-D MCSS
Saturday 10th June, 2pm
We will explore the functional anatomy of the respiratory diaphragm and help you to understand the importance of its place in our 10 step protocol, as well as taking some time to consider the organ that sits right on top of it - the heart. 
We will share some exciting, recently realised aspects of its structure that have not yet made it to the anatomy books, and, most importantly, see how we can make use of this in our touch and apply this understanding to our practice.
TMJ and Beyond
Fiona Gilbraith CST-D MCSS
Sunday 11th June, 9.30am
Dr Upledger talked about how TMJ issues were often the 'tip of the iceberg', and that only by looking at the whole person could we really understand and treat them. 
Join Fiona for the morning workshop, Beyond the TMJ: shifting focus to the most unstable joint in the body - the bite. How does the way our teeth come together affect the rest of our body?
The Magical Hyoid
Maggie Gill CST-D MCSS
Sunday 11th June, 11.15am
.Dr Upledger called this the Avenue of Expression. From my practice, I've observed it to be something more like a veritable 'stargate' in our anatomy and to ourselves. It is essential to our vitality, our wellbeing, our ability to breathe and to express ourselves, and even to our posture.  So if ever there was a place that holds the key to us and our personality, this is it. Come and find out a little more about it, and let's treat it as well!
The OCB and the Higher Chakras
Ann-Margaret Whittle CST MCSS
Sunday 11th June, 2pm
.Dr AT Still discovered the value of the Occipital Cranial Base technique when he was just 10 years old, although it took another 20 years for him to understand its true significance. Dr John Upledger associated each of his diaphragm techniques with an appropriate energy centre or chakra. The OCB forms part of the ten step protocol and he used to say that if you only have time for one of the ten steps then offer the client the OCB! Now at the cranial base there is a little known but very important energy centre called the Alta Major – the Great Gateway! So, a gateway, but to what?
How much does it cost?
For members the whole of Saturday is free and Sunday workshops and lunch is only £50.
For non-members the Saturday afternoon programme from 12.45 and all of Sunday is £140. (But do consider joining if you haven't already... it is only £80 to become a network member or £100 if you are CST qualified - Techniques or Diplomate)
Feeling inspired?
Please email Joe Gore, the CSS registrar to book your place:
We hope to see you there!
April 2016:

Join us at the CranioSacral Society AGM in May!

This year's CSS AGM will be held on Saturday 14th May 2016 at the Grand Connaught Rooms in Holborn, London.

We warmly invite members and Upledger Alumni to join us from 10am for coffee, followed by a talk at 11.15am by our special guest speaker, Dr William Bloom (details below). This will be followed by lunch, the AGM and forum, and time for tea and networking later in the afternoon. The cost for the day is FREE for members and £50 for non-members. For more information and to book your place, please email hello@craniosacralsociety.co.uk or call the office on 01209 211078. 

If you’re not yet a member and you’d like to join us ahead of the AGM, please do contact us by emailing hello@craniosacralsociety.co.uk  The CranioSacral Society is here to support you - we have your interests, and the essence of Dr Upledger’s CranioSacral therapy, at heart! Find out more about the benefits of membership here.

We hope to see you on Saturday 14th May!

More about this year's special guest speaker: 

Body, Heart, Mind, Spirit
Strategies for deepening our own self-care with Dr William Bloom
Saturday 14th May at 11:15am, CSS AGM, Grand Connaught Rooms, London 

William Bloom is a pioneer in the field of wellbeing and spirituality, and the author of books including The Endorphin Effect, The Power of Modern Spirituality, and Meditation in a Changing World.  He will be sharing core strategies that can be used to sustain our own wellbeing and develop our therapeutic support for others, as well as looking at how the interdependence of heart rate variability (HRV), psycho-neuro-immunology (PNI), gut flora and the vagus nerve can be profoundly influenced by certain spiritual practices and meditation strategies.


January 2016:  

Dr William Bloom will be giving a lecture at the before our CSS AGM on Saturday 14th May 2016, entitled:

'Body Heart Mind Spirit: Strategies for deepening our own self-care'

This session will be an inspiring oasis led by one of Britain’s leading holistic educators. Over 3000 peer reviewed scholarly papers provide rigorous evidence for the health and wellbeing benefits of spirituality. In this presentation William Bloom will summarise this body of knowledge. He will share with us the core strategies that can be used to sustain our own wellbeing and develop our therapeutic support for others.

He will explain how the interdependence of heart rate variability (HRV), psycho-neuro-immunology (PNI), gut flora and the vagus nerve can be profoundly influenced by certain spiritual practices and meditation strategies. These practices can be found at the core of many traditions.

Historically the terms ‘medicine woman’ and ‘medicine man’ indicated someone who was both a practical healer and a spiritual leader. William will remind us how that heritage fruitfully lives on today.

Dr William Bloom is one the UK’s most experienced teachers, healers, and authors in the field of holistic development and a pioneer in the field of well-being and spirituality. Director of the Spiritual Companions Trust, he spent 30 years on the faculty of the Findhorn Foundation and was co-founder and director of the St James Church Alternatives Programme in London. His books include The Endorphin Effect, The Power of Modern Spirituality, and Meditation in a Changing World. He is a popular speaker at International Health Conferences and has worked with the NHS, The Penny Brohn Centre and hospices.

Date: 14 May 2016   Place: Grand Connaught Rooms, Covent Garden  

Time: Talk is at 11.15, registration and coffee first - time 10.45


Please get in touch with Joe Gore in the office to book a place 01209 211078 or email hello@craniosacralsociety.co.uk

September 2015:  Announcement of 2016 AGM and Workshops. Put the date in your diary now!

Next year's CSS AGM will be held on Saturday May 14th 2016 at The Grand Connaught Rooms, Holborn, London. Our special guest speaker will be Dr William Bloom - www.williambloom.com. All Members and Upledger Alumni Welcome!

February 2014:   Line up for the Post CSS AGM Workshops! 30- 31 May 2015

The AGM, as usual will be in the morning and is just for members. Straight after lunch we will have: 

Rachel Harrison talking about RED FLAGS - things we should be aware of in practice that are warning signs or contrindications. 
Joe Gore looking at ways and means to ensure you have AN EVOLVING PRACTICE - and he has been at it for 25 odd years so knows a thing or two! 

Sunday will start with Alex Filmer-Lorch looking INSIDE MEDITATION and showing us how a very practical approach to this subject can suppot us as practitioners.
Ann Whittle and Joe Gore will teach a great COCCYX RELEASEe that comes out of the CST for Conception, Pregnancy and Birthing classes that Carol McLellan brough last year and that they have both found extremely useful for their clients. 
A few of us who were there will fill you in on what was presented at the BEYOND THE DURA conference in Florida so we are all up to date with happeings all sides of the pond... 
Finally Maggie Gill will help you to ARC & GO with some multihands treatment to set you on your way! 

We really hope you will join us for this day! 

Members - Saturday free, Sunday £50
Non members - Saturday (lunch & afternoon) or Sunday £80; both £120
Email hello@craniosacralsociety.co.uk if you would like to book. 

January 2015: Invitation to the AGM and Weekend of Workshops

Our AGM is set for Saturday 30th May and it is an open invitation for members. 
The AGM will be followed on the Saturday by an afternoon and workshops as will Sunday 31 May. 
Non-members are warmly invited to come along. For now make a note of the date in the diary and we will update you on the workshop titles soon. 

DECEMBER 2014:   New website

You are here! This is our news this month! We have been working on the new website for a while and finally put all the ducks in a row to get it live and running. Of course we hope you like it and if you have suggestions we would love to hear them. 

AUGUST 2014:   Summer Board Meeting

We had a meeting in August that allowed us the time to reflect on the AGM and to make the changes necessary to the organization that were voted on back in May. Namely, we continued the process of  moving the organization from being a Scottish company to becoming an English one. We have set up the new categories of membership – student and associate (see Membership page).

We felt that the workshops around the AGM had been well received and that the Mingle with a Pringle on the roof top had been a successful way to connect with members and spend some time together.

Ann Whittle shared that over the last few months she had done a course, contributed to part of the Foundation course and had the AGM and weekend and wanted it minuted how wonderful it is to be part of the loving, sincere family that is Upledger! (we seconded, thirded, fourthed and fifthed that!)

We had invited Barry Tanner of GRCCT to the AGM in order to raise some of the concerns that we had and were pleased to say that he had responded to some of these and begun to put changes in place. GRCCT also have a new website that appears improved. We are hopeful that our members will experience fewer challenges in getting registered and visible on this website.

JUNE 2014: AGM weekend and workshops May 2014

This year we again met at the Grand Connaught rooms in London as it had previously proved and central and easily accessible venue that members appreciated.

In Jan 2013 John Page, founder and chair of the CSS since 1999 resigned as chair in an attempt to continue his gradual retirement! He handed the chair to Ann Whittle who we were delighted to vote in in 2013 and at this AGM she shared details of the things we had been moving forward on as well as her vision for the next two years. 

More Background? 

Click here for News Archives about the effort to work with the moves towards self regulation, which culminated in May 2010 in our decision to join GRCCT, the General Regulatory Council for Complementary Medicine. 

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