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If you would like to become a member we are delighted that you now have the option to do so online by filling out the form below. (Please note that for Qualified membership you will also need to send or scan copies of certificates of qualification and/or insurance.) You can also renew membership here and arrange either to send a cheque, arrange a BACS payment, or even set up a yearly standing order, which is usually easy if you do online banking and saves the need to remember when to do it each year.

If you would prefer to print it out the form and send it in you can download it here:


To join or renew membership online: 

We are currently offering membership at a 50% discounted rate for this year only, in recognition of how challenging the past year has been for many. The fees below include the discount for each membership level.

For Qualified Membership applications:
I also understand I need to send in copies of my original certificate showing my qualification in a core thereapy or modality, a copy of my current certificate of malpractice and professional indemnity insurance and a copy of my Upledger Institute Techniques or Diplomate Certificate.

To the best of my knowledge this information is true and correct, and on the basis of it I apply / reapply for membership of the Cranio Sacral Society. I understand that an interview may be required. On becoming a member I  accept and will abide by the society’s rules and code of ethics.     

Submitting you application will take to to the next page with full details on how to make a payment. 

*This membership category is only for people enrolled on the Upledger Insititute UK's Training from Scratch Programme

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