There are currently 4 categories. All levels of membership require members to abide by the CSS Code of Ethics and Practice.

Qualified members

Those who have completed the core training (CST1 – ADV1) of the Upledger Institute training, passed the Techniques exam and are fully insured and paid up members of the CSS. 

£120 / year

Network members

Those who have completed at least the CranioSacral Therapy level 1 course with the Upledger Institute and are already practising and insured therapists of other disciplines.

Cost £100 / year

Student members

These members are currently studying with the Upledger Institute UK, specifically in the Training from Scratch programme, to become CST practitioners. They may not have a core therapy background. They have student insurance and are actively engaged in training.


Associate members

Those with an interest in the therapy who want to support the work that we are doing. This may include retired practitioners, others in some way connected to the work or those who have completed an Upledger introductory course.

Cost £50 / year

Our year runs from 1 April to 30 March. We also offer a pro-rata cost if you join from July, October and January as indicated below.

Joining Month Qualified members Network members Student members Associate members
July £80 £65 £40 £40
October £55 £50 £28 £28
January £35 £30 £18 £18

Costs are accurate for the year 2021/2022.

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