CPD: COntinuing Professional Development

Our qualified members are required to maintain their qualification by engaging in regular CPD or continuing professional development activities. They must carry out a minimum of 24 hours per year which can include for example: 

  • Satisfactory attendence at a class within the IAHP group, whether for the first time or as a repeat
  • Assisting as a TA on any of the IAHP group classes
  • Completion of approved training and curriculum support classes 
         eg College of Body Science, First Aid certification etc
  • Leading an approved study group
  • Attendence at approved study group meetings or review classes
  • Attendence at symposia or conferences within the IAHP group or its international staellites
  • Receiving treatment from an Upledger certified therapist
  • Precepting with an approved therapist, certified mentor or instructor
  • Translating for a class in a second language
  • Any other activity that is quantifiable and which can be demonstrated as being relevant to the development of your Upledger CST pracice. 

Evidence of this is likely to be in the form of certificates of attendence, plus, most importantly, a short written reflection about how that activity has contributed to the deepening of your practice as an Upledger CranioSacral Therapist. 

Please note that each year there will be a random spot check on at least 10% of our members to ensure that the CPD requirements are being met. We recommend that members keep a portfolio of all their CPD activities and regularly update it. For more information about how to do this and what ‘counts’ please get in touch. 

Download this form to get started recording what you have done!  

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