COVID-19 - Latest UK Government Update (last updated January 10th 2021)

Current Restrictions in England - The Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, announced on Monday 4th January that England would enter a national lockdown from midnight. We have looked at all the information issued by the Government, and the regulations that give legal effect to the lockdown. Based on this, we advise our members to proceed with great caution, and to consider very carefully whether the risks of treating outweigh the benefits. We all have a responsibility to do what we can to limit the transmission of this virus.

There is an additional risk emerging that legal action could be taken if a client contracts Covid-19 as a result of being in close contact with you, even if you are symptom-free at the time. Of course, the risk of transmission is there for you as a therapist, too. If you have any underlying health conditions or live closely with someone who does, then please consider the broader picture. Remember that you are under no obligation to treat unless you are a medical doctor.

The CSS does not create laws. We are here to advise you on safe and ethical practice, and many of you are qualified in different modalities and are statutorily regulated. If your core therapy is statutorily regulated (eg osteopaths, chiropractors), you are advised to follow guidelines from your specific professional associations.

If you are not statutorily regulated and you do choose to treat, we strongly advise that you treat only those clients whose health and quality of life would be severely impacted if treatment were deferred. You must document this clearly, along with adhering to all safety measures.

For suggested templates for your pre-appointment screening and client declaration forms during the current lockdown, please view and download the CSS Guidelines for Upledger CranioSacral Practitioners During Lockdown.

Whatever you personal situation, please consider limiting your practice and potentially closing for a time. If you choose to work, it is essential that you meet the following criteria:

  • you are working in a private health clinic setting (not a spa or beauty venue)
  • you have completed an updated risk assessment
  • you take comprehensive notes clearly stating why each treatment is essential for health or remedial purposes - and specifically how not treating would be detrimental
  • you continue with all safety measures, including pre-appointment screening and phone/digital consultations.
  • you have contacted your insurance provider
We also recommend that you consider contacting your Local Health Authority for written clarification that you may continue working.

Current Restrictions in Scotland - In Scotland the regulations that came into effect from Tuesday 5th January mean that close contact services must not operate. This includes massage services and complementary and alternative medicine services that require close contact or proximity. 

We advise our Members in ScotlandWales and Northern Ireland to continue to follow the guidelines in place in ScotlandWales and Northern Ireland.
Please take great care of your own health so that you are in the best place to treat clients when we resume our normal practice.  We would like to remind all of our Members that you are welcome to contact any Study Group Leader or CSS Board Member if you would like further advice or a listening ear in these very difficult times. 

With Warmest Wishes from the CSS Board

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