Our Board

The time given by board members is given without remuneration – we thank them for the job they do. This is who they are:


From a business background, Maggie moved to teaching, with a special interest in the psychology of the adult learner. Further studies led to a Diploma in Management and a Masters in Business Administration. An interest in complementary medicine developed into a passion when an abrupt career change brought the opportunity for further exploration. CranioSacral Therapy inspired Maggie to change direction, and combine new and former skills. Maggie has a busy practice in Brighton and in Cyprus. She has led an Upledger Study Group since 2003 and teaches a number of Upledger classes. She was secretary to the CSS Board for 10 years before taking on this new role in 2014. 


Mary-Clare graduated from the British School of Osteopathy, London, in 1986 and moved to Cumbria to live and work.  Her practice started off with a structural manipulative orientation but over the years her fascination with craniosacral work lead to her training with the Upledger institute. She runs a study group in Cumbria and has recently participated in the Upledger mentoring program. She became the Secretary to the CSS Board in May 2015.

treasurer:  sheila hoy

Sheila has been practising CranioSacral Therapy since 2003, and achieved her Diplomate in 2015. Sheila runs a very busy clinic at home in Epwell, Oxfordshire, from where she also runs a study group.


Joe graduated from the British School of Osteopathy, London, in 1986. Following graduation, he began professional practice in manipulative Osteopathy. In 1995 CranioSacral Therapy (CST) took his interest after he read a book by Dr John Upledger and he travelled to America to begin training as an Upledger CranioSacral Therapist. CST is his main therapy now, but he does integrate osteopathic techniques in treatments if it is necessary. Joe runs a study group, with a colleague, which covers Devon and Cornwall. He also teaches for the Upledger Institute.  He became the CSS Registrar in 2008.


UIUK Liason:  caroline barrow

Caroline is on the CSS board as the liason with the Upledger Institute UK of which she is Director. She brings the support from the course provision, links with Upledger Institute International and with other satellite leaders. She started her CST journey in 1999 after practising as a shiatsu therapist for 5 years, integrating it with meridian work, visceral manipulation and her love of anatomy. She has a practice in Brighton and spends her time between CSS board meetings with CST courses, A&P courses and her two children.


communications officer:  sara hammond

Sara has been practising CranioSacral Therapy since 2005, having come from a background in foreign languages and anthropology. Sara currently runs a busy practice in central Brighton, and is passionate about how we find the language to communicate our work in the world. Sara joined the CSS board in 2017.


We do not have any spaces presently for other board members but if you feel you might be interested in the future if one ever came up then please do let us know. You can email hello@craniosacralsociety.co.uk.

Also, if you have any area of particular expertise or feel there is something else that we should or could be doing to support our members we would love to hear from you. We are, after all, here only for our members so we welcome a two way conversation about what we should be doing and how we can help you…

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