Our Aims

We are here primarily so that qualified CranioSacral Therapists who have trained via the Upledger Institute have a membership organization that is there to support them professionally in the UK. We keep on top of the current requirements for self regulation of complementary therapies. We keep up to date and responsive about the things supporting and possibly threatening our work.

We are also here as a link to the public should anyone be interested in finding out more about the work we do (in conjunction with our therapists and the Upledger Institute UK or international), the Code of Ethics under which we practice and also verifying the qualification level of a practitioner. Should a complaint ever arise of our members in their practice we have a procedure to address and deal with the issues that have arisen in a fair and dispassionate manner.

Over the years our requirements for ongoing CPD – continuing professional development  have developed, as they have in all professional practices, and they are there to ensure our qualified members maintain their standard of practice. (You can find out more about that on our CPD page here.)

We also aim to keep members updated on new developments in the professional field and in our specific therapy through our yearly AGM and conference and workshop programme. See our News page.

The Cranio Sacral Society has responsibility for the Study Group Leaders who run the study groups that support students training with the Upledger Institute.

We aim to be a place for networking, professional support, friendship and development of Dr Upledger’s CranioSacral Therapy.

Find out what this means to us in terms of our ethics and code of practice.

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